It is certainly the most important furniture/architecture fair in Europe in 2016, helded in Cologne (Germany) from 25 to 29 October. Where companies present the latest developments in the office furniture/architecture industry.

Haworth was represented, as usual, at the highest level, by the Staff and their executives, employees and stack-olders, our distinguished guest architects with the presence of Diogo Lacerda, Miguel Melo e Pedro Daniel Faria, and the PFGroup partners with the precense of Giulio Cappellini and the creative Patricia Urquiola.

This was held under the theme “Explore our space, discover your place”, visitors had the opportunity to see and experience in the furniture and exposed environments the importance of creating extremely simplicity and welcoming spaces within the current work environments.

We could also share experiences with the main promoters behind this grandiose and ambitious project. The inter-connectivity of all these boosters and creatives – being part of the main process of space thinking – result in a clearly person-centered approach, “… underscore the power of well-designed holistic environments that can inspire individuals and transform culture … “.